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Stop shooting innocent dogs and other animals

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     I recently came across a video of a man recording a crime scene in Los Angeles, California. Two cops decided to arrest him. The man's dog was sitting in his car with the window open. When the cops grabbed the man, the dog jumped out of the window to defend his owner. The dog was simply barking at the two cops until a third dumb ass cop came over and decided it would be a perfect idea to shoot the dog. The dog died in the street right in front of his owner. Serveral other innocent dogs and animals have been killed by police in America.

     I know what you might be thinking, it's just a dog. Who cares? Think of it in this way. Imagine you're walking your dog and police car is parked at the cornerof the street. You've raised that dog since he was a little puppy. That dog is your best friend and you'd do anything for him. Then a stray cat sprints across the street. Your dog barks and growls at the cat. He struggles to run after the cat until you accidently let go of the leash. Your dog chases the cat as fast as he can. Suddenly, a cop gets out of his car and shoots him. Your dog is now laying dead in the road. How would you feel? Now think of how that dog's owner felt when he was shot by a cop.

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