Bring koalas to California

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The fires in Australia have devastated koala populations and their natural habitat. It is believed that at least half of all koalas on Earth will be killed by these fires. Also there are 1000+ more displaced but "saved" koalas currently living in captivity at animal hospitals and zoos throughout Australia. In some areas, due to over-crowding, fire-affected koalas must be placed in makeshift cages within Australian people's homes because they have nowhere else to put them.

What is happening to the koala right now is heart-breaking and down-right horrifying. But there is a way we can help.... LET'S BRING THE KOALAS TO CALIFORNIA.

Koalas only eat one thing; the leafs of the Eucalyptus trees.  And it just so happens that Eucalyptus trees were brought to the California from Australia back in the 1860s by early settlers.  Since then these non-native Eucalyptus trees have spread down along the entire California coast. (Their deep, drought-adapted roots can out-compete any native tree for water.) Today the invasive Blue-gum Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globolus) is the largest and most common tree throughout California's coastal forests from San Diego to Humboldt county. 

Worst of all these Eucalyptus trees are a serious fire-hazard and are a major contributor to most of the large wildfires in California over the past years.   So bringing the koalas to California is a real WIN-WIN. SAVE THE KOALA and REDUCE CALIFORNIA's FIRE RISK at the same time. 

In California, Eucalyptus Globolus grows very tall, very fast - usually around 5 feet a year, until it reaches its maximum height of 100 feet. Eucalyptus bark tends to peel-off in long flammable strands making it easy for fire to climb up into its canopy. Eucalyptus leafs are very high in flammable & aromatic oils - so they burn for a long-time. Depending on wind speeds, a burning eucalyptus leaf can spread fires up to a mile away. 

Interesting Fact: There are 100s of different species (types) of Eucalyptus trees in Australia. Koalas have been observed eating the leaves of only 12 of these and they perfer to eat the leafs of only 3 different types of Eucalyptus trees - one of those three is the Blue-gum Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus). The same one that has spread all over California. Sometimes "God closes a door, but opens a window"  

Let's do it. Let's bring the Koalas to California. It's Win-Win situation. Save the Koalas and reduce the size and severity of California wildfires.

Not to mention, how cute it would be to see some koalas hanging out along California's coast. I think they'll love it here.

Please sign today and tell everyone you know. The koalas need all the help they can get right now. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!