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Stop animal testing with cosmetics

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Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in US labs every year. Does this benefit us in anyway as humans? No. Every year 19,500,000 animals are killed in research labs even though 72% of people are against animal testing. There are over 100 major companies in the US that still test on animals even after being exposed to the general public. These companies have not stepped down because there is not proper legislation in place to stop the companies from testing. If there was a law in place then these companies could stop and we wouldn't be losing this huge number of animals each year. Over 75% of rodents are killed or abused from animal testing each year because they are 'the best' test subjects. In fact data shows that animal testing fails to predict real human outcomes in 50 to 99.7 percent of cases.  Scientists are making more and more progress each day in developing cell cultures, human tissue and computer models to test on and yet we still use animals. Just type in animal testing on google and you can easily see some of the things done to animals against their will that puts physical and physiological pain on these animals with no benefit to us. We can not allow this. 

This is a list of just a few major companies that still test on animals and are still widely successful:

For anyone that doesn't know about alternatives to animal testing here are just a few:

There are so many animals getting abused in this world. Please help cut down that number and sign this petition. 

Pledge to be cruelty free. 

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