Add Belarus special police units OMON and GUBOPIK to the list of terrorist organizations

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We call on the European Union, the United States and the UN to immediately add OMON and GUBOPiK of Belarus (special police units of dictator Lucashenko, responsible for horror tortures and violence towards peaceful protesters) to the lists of terrorist organizations.

US list of terrorist organizations

EU list of terrorist organizations


What does being listed as a terrorist organization mean?

• All EU and US citizens, their legal entities, and their foreign subsidiaries are officially prohibited from engaging in any joint activities with organizations and their members on this list.

• The imposition of economic sanctions against foreign companies that continue to conduct any joint economic activity with those on the list.

What will this mean in practice, right now?

• For example, police will not be able to buy comfortable shoes of Western brands, spare parts for their foreign cars, cameras, etc.

• VISA and MasterCard will cancel their cards.

• Apple and Google will disconnect their phones and block their accounts.

What will this lead to in the future?

• Not a single member of the OMON and GUBOPiK will be able to hide abroad and evade justice.

• Each individual will have to prove his non-involvement in terrorist activities in international courts.

What is the process of adding organizations to such a list?

It is enough for one country to declare that an organization has been included in such a list, and this organization almost immediately falls into all similar lists of all civilized countries.

Why OMON and GUBOPiK, Belarus special police units deserve to be included in such a list?

The world community recognizes organizations as terrorists if those organizations use intimidation and indiscriminate violence against civilians to achieve their political goals.

Recent months have shown that from law enforcement agencies these organizations have turned into punitive gangs, helping former President Lukashenko to remain in power by force and indiscriminate violence.

Links to materials with an analysis of all registered acts of terrorism are collected by a specialized project:

What will we, the initiators of this petition, be doing to implement this?

• Directly inform the embassies of all democratic countries on a weekly basis about the progress of the campaign and the reasons for such a demand.

• Form international support by the forces of the United Diaspora of Belarusians in Europe and the USA.

• Lobbying for this initiative in the European Parliament, the US State Department, in the relevant UN committees.

• Lobbying for EU governments individually through personal contacts.

• Informing the world media about the situation in Belarus in the context of the requirement to recognize the OMON and GUBOPiK as terrorist organizations.