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US Sportsmen Alliance and all linked sponsors: Remove Melissa Bachman from all affiliated sponsorship.

  • This is a petition to advise Melissa Bachman's sponsers of her actions that have come to light these past few weeks.
    •       Last year National Geographic came under huge protest when it became known that Melissa Bachman,a trophy Hunter of wild animals such as lions and many other majestic beautiful animals, openly supported the shooting and killing of Giraffes.   National Geographic pulled her from the show "Ultimate survior Alaska" due to outrage and pressure from the public, a 13,000 strong petition enabled this..And we can do it again!   US Sports Alliance you may not be aware but you are now sponsering a show that has this very person as their star... The People are about to revolt again and they will not stop until this woman and her associates are stopped from publicly and openly encouraging the killing of such wild life and then bragging their victory over the defenceless animals which just shows the true meaning behind the murders..fame and ego.     There is no glory and no competiton when you point the gun at a defenseless animal like a Giraffe... Here is the facebook photo of a young budding hunteress who has murdered a Giraffe...  

This petition is going towards one of the main sponsers called US Sportsmen Alliance and then we shall send the petition to other sponsers included. Her television shows and career all rely from the money that is provided by the following companies...


If you are not aware, Melissa Bachman posted a photo of a lion which she hunted and proceeded to murder, and then to make matters worse for herself she decided to brag about the killing whilst laughing and smiling for the camera. In the meanwhile these magnificent creatures are being slaughtered all in the name of "fun and sport" which is a wonder,how on earth can human murder an innocent animal just for their own personal entertainment? And the only conclusion I can come to is they must be very insecure in themselfs and take pleasure from killing animals that can no way fight back against a loaded gun and a Junkie Glory Hunter..


Melissa is a presenter for a programme called "Winchester Deadly Passion". Sponsored by Winchester, a major United States firearms manufacturer, Bachman's show is carried on the Pursuit Channel, a relatively small Alabama-based channel dedicated to outdoor activities such as hunting.

Melissa Bachman has showed no remorse towards the actions she recently took part in and neither does she feel any regret to the killing as she frequently shows in her array of dead carcusses with a big smile smile showing her love of death.

Next year Melissa Bachman is due to take the lead as a judge in this hunting competition for budding female murderers and it is about time the supporters of this show are aware of the adverse effects that Melissa Bachman's actions have, she has caused outrage and disgust from her blatant disregard to the lifes of the animals blessed to be on this earth. We are all one..made from the same sands...

The aim is to get enough signatures to show these companies sponsering Melissa that her credibility is tarnished and that we no longer want this murderer anywhere near animals that she has in her sight.


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