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To sanction the WPS for the 2012 season.

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At a time when women's soccer has not enjoyed such popularity and media attention since the 1999 Women's World Cup, the sport is in the midst of what could be the final blow to the goal of establishing a professional league in the United States.

This past Women's World Cup set off a new tidal wave of interest in women's soccer. Not only has the U.S. Women's National Team reaped the benefits of more media attention and larger game attendance, but so to has the Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) League. The league itself is made up of some the very same Women's National Team members who captured the country and the world's attention this summer in their run to the World Cup Final. And the WPS represents on a closer level what the National Team does: passion for the game of soccer, talented athletes (and in this case, from all over the world) playing against other talented athletes, intense and hard fought matches, and true role models. In fact that is why this petition is important: the WPS is able to provide for its fans a passion for the game of soccer and true role models. Isn't that what every sports fan dreams of? Being able to watch athletes give it their all on the field and play with the same level of passion that they as fans feel when watching the games? But just as gratifying is that these very same athletes understand what it means to be a role model. They go out of their way to express their gratitude and love for the fans, they give back to the game itself, and give back to the communities that they play in. Knowing that not only are you treated to some unbelievable soccer, but that you also have the opportunity to meet these players after the game, is a very special element to this league.

But it's not just about what fans can get out of the experience, it is also the hopes and dreams that are kept alive by the existence of a professional women's soccer league. Young female athletes deserve to keep their dreams alive of being able to play professionally, just as every fan deserves to be able to watch professional women's soccer. It would be a huge disservice to young female athletes everywhere if they were not able to pursue their dreams and to at least have hope to aspire to be like their role models.

Lastly, it is important to not forget the athletes whose careers hang in the balance right now. These world class players (both on and off the field) also deserve to play out their own dreams of playing professional soccer, of not having all of their hard work and dedication to be for nought.

So, if you too feel this way, please sign this petition and spread the word. Each and every voice needs to be heard in this effort to save the WPS. And share why you feel this way so we can really get this message across.

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