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Fundamental Reproductive Rights for Women in the USA

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Having basic reproductive rights means having the right for individuals or couples to decide on matters relating to their children, such as spacing and timing in numbers, and the right to attain a high standard of sexual and reproductive rights, as well as any information needed. The consequences of sexual relations between a man and a woman are simply unfair. If a relationship ended in a pregnancy, the woman would carry most of the responsibility, as the first few years of a child's life and the first six to nine months during pregnancy depend on the mother's health and care.

Unfortunately, with the recent Presidency of Donald Trump, women in the US have these rights with many conflicting restrictions or not at all. Not only are healthcare services such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - nicknamed Obamacare - under threat of being repealed by Trump, meaning many women's income could suffer immensely, but the right to a safe abortion could also be revoked. Trump himself has made absurd comments on abortion, saying there should be "some sort of punishment" on women who seek abortion, and even rejects the idea of abortion in the case of health issues.

 In June 2016, the US Supreme Court ruled that a law that imposed clinics in the state of Texas made it impossible for abortion clinics to function. By the time the law came through, 19 out of 40 clinics had closed in a home of 27 million people. After more restrictive laws, recorded medical abortions fell about 75%, though surgical abortions rose by 7%. In recent years, women who needed abortions had to travel long distances to visit clinics and many couldn't afford the fees they were charged. Some women went to Mexico, and others bought abortion-inducing pills online.

This cruel and merciless punishment on women must be put to an end, as many people would agree that it is unfair to subject anyone to this sort of punishment, simply for wanting the right to their body that they deserve. We wish to overall protect 'Planned Parenthood', prevent funds being extracted from reproduction rights, and prevent anti-abortion laws and the reduction of reproductive rights for women in the USA. We believe that regardless of others' opinions on the issue, if they regard it as being right or wrong, women should above all have the right to make their own choices and decisions for their body.

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