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Pass the Safe Chemicals Act

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Stop the invasion of harmful chemicals in our everyday lives. Why? Because they are turning us into Toxic Zombies! They are sneaking into our shampoos and lipsticks and infiltrating our water bottles and phones. They're even slipping into our most private, ah-hem, toys. And these chemicals are bad news...

With over 80,000 chemicals in commerce today, it's tough to know what's safe and what's not. Many of us assume that the products we buy and use are safe. After all, how could it be legal to put toxic and untested chemicals in your phone or the lining of your favorite canned soup?

Unfortunately, the laws that regulate chemicals are outdated and inadequate. Even worse, the science is telling us that lots of the chemicals found in our products are pretty dangerous. Many toxic chemicals are linked to reproductive health problems such as low sperm counts, testicular atrophy, early puberty, infertility, and miscarriage. Freaked out?!?

Well, we got you covered. We’re working with awesome people like you, in states across the country, to show support for the Safe Chemicals Act – legislation that would reform chemical policy to better protect our reproductive health.

We’re gathering petition signatures from thousands of Americans to send a message that we are not okay with being exposed to toxic chemicals. So, jump on board and sign this petition today. Don’t you think it’s time to show your Senators that thousands of Americans want common sense limits on toxic chemicals? Your reproductive health depends on it!


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