1200 for Taxpaying Dependents 18 and over

1200 for Taxpaying Dependents 18 and over

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 There has been a huge error in the eligibility criteria for which Americans will receive the 1200 stimulus package from the government. Many are relieved to reap any form of assistance during this tough time of sickness and unemployment. Unfortunately this bill doesn’t apply to anyone who was claimed as a dependent on the 2019 taxes. Now what exactly does this mean?

Even those who are 18-24 and 65 or older that pay taxes, work, and have ultimately been affected by the Coronavirus WILL NOT receive any government assistance if they are claimed as dependents. Not only this but the tax payer that claims said person as a dependent will not receive any money as well because only children under 17 years of age are eligible for 500. Therefore those claimed as dependents who are over the age of 18 and are in need of governmental assistance will receive absolutely nothing. 

I, myself am a financially independent college student who is temporarily unemployed because of the Coronavirus. As an 18 year old who lives on my own I was relieved when I initially heard of this bill. Now i’m struck with disappointment and I want to help myself and others in a similar situation receive their rightful 1200 stimulus package.

Congress needs to hear from you right now! We cannot be forgotten and excluded as we are taxpaying Americans as well, that deserve government aid through this tough time.