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Tell Ken Salazar: NO to Atlantic Ocean Seismic Surveys!

The U.S. Department of Interior is moving forward with plans to allow seismic surveys of the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of America. Not only are these air gun surveys devastatingly damaging to the sea life, it would open the door for offshore oil drilling. Federal studies show that oil extraction would take years before we would see only a three cent decrease in gas prices, at the cost of a destroyed coastline and 40-80% decrease in commercial fishing!

Secretary Ken Salazar is jeopardizing the safety of our water, beaches, wildlife and all people living from New Jersey to Florida. We the people value the safety of our ocean over the profits of oil industry polluters, and so should our government officials. Tell Ken Salazar NO to seismic surveys in the Atlantic!

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  • US Secretary of the Interior
    Ken Salazar

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