Eminent Danger to Citizens Due To Rockdale County, GA Stormwater Negligence

Eminent Danger to Citizens Due To Rockdale County, GA Stormwater Negligence

February 4, 2020
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US Secretary of Agricultural - Sonny Perdue and 31 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by George Kelecheck

I am George Kelecheck, a 30 year Rockdale County, Georgia Citizen, Taxpayer, and Stormwater Fee Payer, Speaking for property owners of 3647, 3637, 3625, and 3615 Clubhouse Lane SE, Conyers, Georgia 30094 located in Honey Creek Golf and Country Club a 600 hundred plus residential community in south Rockdale County promoting Economic Development. 

We injured property owners are suffering from all foregoing comments regarding damages and injuries to us.

We are adversely impacted by transferring Rockdale County Stormwater through our properties beginning at Honey Creek Elementary School and continuing through impervious areas of Honey Creek Subdivision along with deteriorated metal culverts, soil disturbance,  loss of property since 1972. This has created an ongoing nuisance, suffering discomfort, loss of peace of mind, unhappiness, annoyance, loss of private land, severely impacting our quality of life. 

Rockdale County has injured four property owners having unconstitutionally taken our properties via inverse condemnation by arbitrary and capricious granting of no stormwater development permits, engineering drawings, county inspections, 100 year hydrology study, not requiring maintenance of stormwater systems in Honey Creek Subdivision or within the 61.4 acre watershed flowing through our properties. 

Rockdale County has been stubborn and acted in bad faith since May, 2018 when Oz Nesbitt, Chairman of Rockdale County Board of Commissioners and Todd Cosby, Director of Stormwater Department visited these properties. Mr. Cosby stated the deteriorated 36 inch metal culvert was to small to manager the Stormwater flow. Mr. Nesbitt instructed  me to procure 3 estimates regarding my collapsed pool due to deteriorated stormwater culverts. Three estimates were provided to the Chairman. 

Chairman Nesbitt instructed me NOT GO TO THE MEDIA OR RETAIN AN ATTORNEY, since he was a MAN OF ACTION.

Rockdale County hired a Forensic Stormwater Engineer at the cost of $3,500 to taxpayers  (approved by Chairman Nesbitt) and received unbiased recommendations remediating the issues. To date no action has been taken to address the issues.

The Rockdale County Stormwater Operating Cash balance is in excess of $1,3 million dollars as of 7/26/2019. 

The Jason Houston Engineering report states the culverts need to be 60" inches in diameter to mange 100 year rain event based on USDA-NRCS information.

I have met with the Rockdale County Board of Education to review the issues since 28 acres or 43% of the stormwater runoff originates at Honey Creek Elementary School. The Board of Education has performed other reclamation projects to alleviate stormwater issues. They are currently reviewing the information. 

Although the stormwater system was a 20'  easement area platted in 1972, it is now over 60' wide due to soil erosion. There are several easements in the subdivision. The Oden Administration in 2010 which Oz Nesbitt was a commissioner made the correct decision to spend over $44 thousand dollars at 3637 Sandhill Drive to replace 230 feet of culvert and partial driveway. These are  similar issues which exist on Clubhouse Lane. Rockdale County has also performed other strormwater repairs on private properties. Precedent has been set in Rockdale County.

Corey Hambrick, Rockdale County Chief of Staff stated during a 10/22/2019 meeting it is the position of Rockdale County not to follow recommendations of the Independent  Stormwater Engineer since repairing these properties would set a precedent. Meaning Rockdale County does not want to assist Taxpayers and Stormwater Fee Payers in restoring their properties caused by transferring county stormwater.

All restrictive covenants have expired in Honey Creek Subdivision.        

Government officials have received reports from the Stormwater Forensic Engineer, USDA-NRCS, and the Georgia Soil Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) stating issues need to be repaired or more private land, driveways and homes will be lost creating an economic demise to Rockdale County. Sinkholes have been detected within 25 feet of my residence. 

Go to YOUTUBE and type in KELECHECK VIDEOS to receive a visceral feeling of our issues or visit our properties to view the ongoing property destruction and public safety hazards, 

Copies of this material and supporting information has been forwarded to US Secretary of Agricultural Sonny Perdue,  GA Senator David Perdue, US GA Senator Kelly Loeffler, GA Governor Brian Kemp,  GA Senator Brian Strickland, and GA State Congressman Hank Johnson. 

To all individuals who read this information please sign the petition and email to Oz. Nesbitt at oz.nesbitt@rockdalecountyga.gov, or text to 770-624-9446, sherri.washington@rockdalecountyga.gov, or text 404-615-9349, Doreen.williams@rockdalecountyga.gov or text 404-416-6582 asking Rockdale County to proceed with all recommendations  provided by the Independent Forensic Engineer immediately.

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Signatures: 228Next Goal: 500
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  • US Secretary of Agricultural - Sonny Perdue
  • GA US Senator - David Perdue
  • GA US Senator - Kelly Loeffler
  • GA Congressman - Hank Johnson
  • GA Senator - Brian Strickland