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Correct the wrong committed by the Dawes Commission and the district court Choctaw Enrollees, Dawes Commission Case Number 1418

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Capt.John Cooper (about 1771-1839), plantation owner and captain of the Choctaw Indians. He lived in Perry, Davidson and Lincoln Co., Tenn. He also lived on Knappa Creek, Miss. (in 1831), on the north side, and frequently visited relatives in Tishomingo Co. In 1836, he lived in Perry County on the west side of the Buffalo River near Linden in Tennessee. He went over Trail of Tears 4  times to help other Choctaws move into the Indian territory on his 4th trip he was never heard from again

“A man who cultivated his land, raising food for his family and livestock, Captain Cooper was surprised and shocked when the soldiers came in midwinter, January of 1836, and commanded an immediate removal of his family to the Indian Territory. They had only time to gather and pack a few necessities which the soldiers allowed to be tied on their horses' and mules' backs. They rode away toward their new home leaving behind their house, a structure of four rooms, a verandah separating the house from the smokehouse. They also left six cribs of corn and other important foods for their survival.When they arrived at the Mississippi River the ship or boats which they had been promised in writing were not there to take them across this very cold water. The soldiers, who were driving them had not been told of this promise. They used their only means of crossing, riding their swimming animals across. Many of their party drowned and they also lost most of their food and other necessities. John Cooper's wife Nancy Ann Piles Cooper, who was ill when forced to start on the perilous journey, was physically unable to continue. A few miles from the Mississippi River in the state of Arkansas, the soldiers permitted the sick woman and John Coopers old mother Mary (Molly) Houston Cooper, wife of Henry Labon Cooper to be left in the wild and rugged country with her two daughters, Delitha and Narcissa Cooper. His son and sons-in-law were made to continue their journey westward, driving their remaining cattle. There remains today a crossing in southeastern Oklahoma called Cooper's Landing, which was named for the courageous and faithful Choctaw husband and father. As soon as possible they escaped from the soldiers and made their way back to where the old mother and daughters were left. The mother had died two days after being abandoned. Delitha and Narcissa had survived by eating bark of trees and other plants and animals.

John Cooper was an educated Indian - spoke and wrote the English language. He fought in the war of 1812 with Andrew Jackson. The two men made a gentlemen's agreement that the Choctaws of Perry and Maury County, Tenn. were not to be moved to the Indian Territory until the spring of 1836. The two men continued to correspond and Andrew Jackson verified ‘their promise in writing.’ Our grandfather, John Cooper was deceived by Pres. Andrew Jackson who did not keep his promise.

Daughter Nancy J. Cooper (born about 1838 and died before 1909), Choctaw Dawes no. 1418, blind, never married, plaintiff in Nancy Cooper v. The Choctaw Nation, a case which under Indian law awarded citizenship and benefits to more than 100 surviving family members of Capt. John Cooper.

last year a lot of the family members filed for our CDIB after we had heard that many of our family members had been issued their CDIB only to be turned down by the BIA. why is it that members of the same family were issused their card but others are being denied 

on my website is more information and supporting documents such as roll cards and the original court documents other readings are

we are requesting that the following names be added to the Dawes final rolls pg 97 as they should have been in the court case Choctaw Enrollees, Dawes Commission Case Number 1418 by adding these names it will forever correct this case of injustice and correct history 

Roll #      Name                                             Age Sex   Blood    Card#

16124    Brown, William N                            43   M      1/16       6017

16125    Brown, Alice                                    12    F      1/32       6017

16126    Brown, George                                   9    M     1/32       6017 

16127    Brown, Susie                                      6    F      1/32       6017

16128    Brown, Fannie C                                2    F      1/32        6017

16129    Johnston, Sarah                                22    F      1/32        6018

16130    Johnston, William Enmon                 2     M     1/64       6018

16131    Brown, Becky                                  20     F      1/32       6019

16132    Brown, Minnie Gertrude                   2     F      1/64       6019

16132   Brown,  Henry Nitin                           1    M     1/64        6019

16133   Johnston, Mary                                 17     F      1/32       6020

16134   Hudson, Mamie                                 15    F      1/32       6021

16135   Brown, Casurll M                              38    M     1/16       6022

16137   Brown, Maudie                                  14    F     1/32        6022

16138   Brown, Willie                                    10    M    1/32        6022

16139   Brown, Elbert Knightington                3    M    1/32        6022

16140   Peck, Polly A                                     35     F     1/16       6023

16141   Peck, Florence                                   13     F     1/32       6023

16142   Peck, Oscar                                        11    M     1/32       6023

16143   Peck, Benjamin                                    9    M    1/32       6023

16144   Peck Andrew                                        7     M    1/32      6023

16145   Peck, Otis Dewey                                4     M    1/32       6023

16146   Peck Virgie                                         1     F      1/32      6023

16147   Brown George G                                30      M   1/16      6024

16148   Brown Willie Emma                           7       F     1/32     6024

16149    Nichols James B                               53      M   1/8        6025

16150    Nichols Nancy V                               11      F    1/16      6025

16151    Scott Della May                                 19      F    1/16      6026

16152    Nichols Orin M                                  48      M   1/8       6027

16153    Nichols Maggie M                             16       F    1/16     6027

16154    Nichols Mattie Myrtle                        12      F    1/16     6027

16155    Nichols Lorie A                                   8     F     1/16      6027

16156    Nichols James W                                22     M    1/16     6028

16157    Nichols John W B                               28     M    1/16    6029

16158    Nichols Louie Herman                         2      M    1/32    6029

16159    Nichols Golda Ula                                1      F     1/32    6029

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