Free US citizen Majd Kamalmaz

Free US citizen Majd Kamalmaz

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Majd Kamalmaz is a 61 year old US citizen, father and grandfather who lives in Dallas.  He is a psychotherapist and humanitarian who I had the honor of working with in Kosova, where he set up a charity providing psychological support to war widows and orphans.

I was devastated to learn that my softly spoken, gentle-natured friend and colleague, Majd Kamalmaz was arrested by the Syrian government when going to pay his respects at the funeral of his father-in-law two years ago. 

He arrived in Syria on 14th February 2017, having first checked that he was permitted to enter and not on any watch lists.  One day later, when travelling by taxi in the capital Damascus, he was stopped at a checkpoint and detained.  His family and friends have not seen or heard from him since.  His detention by the regime was confirmed by the Czech Ambassador to Syria, Eva Filipi, one of the remaining diplomats in Syria at the time of his disappearance. 

No-one knows why he was detained, no charges have been brought, he has not been allowed to contact his family or have any kind of legal representation and no-one has any news on how, or indeed where, he is.  Majd was never a political person.  He is a peace-loving man whose slogan is "be in peace." 

Majd was awarded a Humanitarian Heart award from the Heart Math Institute in 2016 for his work with them. He has volunteered tirelessly as a therapist to support people affected by war and natural disasters in Bosnia, Kosova, Indonesia, Lebanon and with those affected by Hurricane Katrina.  

I worked with him in Kosova, where the charity he set up (the Centre for Stress Management and Education) supported women and children who had lost family members in the war and those whose loved-ones had disappeared and whose whereabouts were unknown. To this day, my life has been touched by his ability to reach out to others and his belief that an individual can bring about change.  

Majd reached out to some of the most vulnerable people, to help them to heal, to help them rebuild their lives and he showed them compassion.  He did this around the world and at home in the US because he has a strong sense of moral duty to help those in need.  Now Majd and his family need your help.

The US administration has been supporting his family for the past two years to try and find him. The Syrian government has since denied that they are holding him, so all searches are drawing blanks.

His family have decided to break their silence, with the announcement that US troops are being withdrawn from Syria. Having not had any news about Majd for two years, they have now publicly approached US President Donald Trump to intervene personally and help bring him home. His family are particularly worried, as Majd is diabetic and needs regular medication. 

"He is a kind, loving, humble human being that has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be detained and we pray that he will return to us very soon," Maryam, one of his daughters said. 

The US administration has secured the release of prisoners held overseas, including aid worker Aya Hijazi from Egypt, Joshua Holt from Venezuela and Andrew Brunson from Turkey. The Kamalmaz family is very grateful to Congressman French Hill who has been supporting their calls for the President to intervene.

Majd did so much to support families suffering because of war and natural disaster. Now his family needs your support. His wife, his four children and his thirteen grandchildren miss him desperately and want him back home.

Please help to bring Majd home to his family by signing and sharing our petition calling on the White House and President Trump to use their power to intervene.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!