Bring back craigslist personals and regulate classified ads websites

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Craigslist personals has been a staple since its beginning. However, we have to agree it has been unregulated which allows people to post sketchy ads in secrecy. Quite honest doing no good to the name of Craigslist and this has extended to others ads such as Housing where people post bad ads trying to steal money from others.
However, this was not justification to bring down a tool such as Craigslist personals. The dismissal of Craigslist personals is an attack on our civil rights, is an attack of freedom of speech and sexual liberties. Tell me Mr Trump if this would make America great, a place where a hard working American without time for a relationship can't post and ad looking to hook up with someone on similar circumstances and probably start a relationship from there. How is this making America Great where these two hardworking individuals can't find each other. You would argue that in the 80's we didn't have Craigslist, but times have changed, cities such as New York grew 1.3 million between 1980 and 2005 that's far too many extra people, we need better communication tools to reach out these individuals.
On the flip side I am a father of one, I self identify as bisexual cross-dresser,  without Craigslist to try to contact a man, this goes to the women too these mothers, good wife that are bisexual and can't post an ad looking for a lady. Are we expected to come out of the shadow into adult sites and or go to gay bars? walk into a complete stranger and ask then probably get punched in the face? I did the first already and it didn't go well. I have my sexuality a secret, I created a profile in a reputed adult website and saw a good friend of mines who is extremely homophobic. She was online which prompted me to delete my profile just as soon as I created it. 
What about that bossy executive that like to be bossy in the office but have a secret?. Where else can a man say "I am a boss, I am bossy, I am the man but when nobody is looking, I like to dress into this beautiful lady". All that sound crazy to straight people but that's people sexuality, and this is America the land of the free.
All LGBTQ friends I have talked to agree the law had great intentions we need to stop human trafficking. But there is a damaging line in HR1865 That is in section 3 and this is why we don't have Craigslist personals anymore. You are giving 25 years in prison for "facilitating the prostitution of five or more persons" first of all, this is clearly a direct attack on Craigslist personals and a direct attack on our freedom of communication. You can't stop people from selling their body unfortunately, if they don't do it on Craigslist they will do it in the street no matter what you do. You can't possibly blame Craigslist for other's decisions. This is a job for local police department if they want to penalize prostitution they can even use Craigslist as a tool. 
While trying to curb online prostitution, the LGBTQ was denied the freedom to communicate. I am not an active member of organized groups I am a father of 1 that work 55 hours a week one of those who could use a quick ad to find someone. We are as big part of America as the straight guy working next to me, as the straight woman working next to me. This also include a man who routinely shows up to work either as a woman or as a man. To religious groups he sounds like a disaster but that disaster work hard and pay taxes like everybody else and everyone in the LGBTQ community to the most straight looking person such as myself. If we allow religious groups to call out those posting on Craigslist and those with cross gender identity, we are favoring a group over another and allowing freedom of speech to be corrupted. 

         What I propose and will allow Craigslist to operate as always and safer 

  • Discuss with John Craig how to fix Craigslist not only Craigslist personals but Craigslist in general. I almost paid money for a rented apartment that was being rented under-priced because they were traveling to Europe. The apartment wasn't up for rent. All posters are required to submit information just like in Facebook possibly include picture too. However, the ad will be posted as always, classic craigslist view, except for one thing, the ad will show a check mark on top which means this is a verified profile. So, when I post an ad, the reader will know I am a real person and Craigslist know who I am in case I do something stupid, this person can report me to Craigslist. Craigslist is in the business of being the online classified ads for  long time, will cooperate with local authority handing over any piece of evidence that could aid in the capture of any criminals such as those posting fake rent ads. My personal information will only be available to Craigslist. In this manner employers will know my resume is real, unemployed will know the job ad they are reading is real, people looking for apartment will know the apartment they are looking at is real or risk prosecution by law.
  • Yahoo. Microsoft and Craigslist should be elevated to Historic websites, they have been around since the beginning of internet and quite honest, this is not a nice way to treat a site like this.
  • Regulation of Law HR 1865 instead of prosecuting, any facilitator in the prostitution of 5 or more individuals is expected to fully cooperate with law. This instead ask to Craigslist to fully cooperate with the law, hand over any information that could lead to the capture of anyone breaching the law.
  • Regulate the access to Craigslist personals, 16 years old to view ads, 18 years old to reply. Not everybody can access Craigslist personals, posters or not are required to create a Craigslist profile in order to prevent minors from accessing the ads. The sole warning that this content is for adults wont stop a 12 years old from clicking through it and actually going into the ads. So, in the new Craigslist profile we will be required to enter our birthday.
  • Craigslist will review any flagging of ads and report anything that look sketchy such as the pictures of the person look like someone too young and don't match the profile pictures provided to Craigslist, instance that insinuate sex with children.
  • Craigslist reserve the right to post any personal ad. Craigslist usually delay the ads for 15 minutes, these 15 minutes will be used to either accept or reject certain ads based on their content. If an ad is too severe such as trafficking children, craigslist will contact local authorities even if the ad didn't go live.
  • Change the flagging system, when we flag an ad, we can now write why we flagging. I have contacted people in the past and then they ask me for money on e-mails. When I flag, I look like a hater. Honestly I am not against people who sell their body. I'm not in favor neither but is a disgusting move to say "I'm looking for fun" then ask for money via e-mail
  • Include "any individual that facilitate the prostitution of 5 or more individuals... I feel this was a direct attack on Craigslist and the PIMP (boss of prostitutes) get nothing. 
  • Allow Craigslist to generate income from digital advertising in order to hire more personnel and follow through with any government inquiries. 

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, I didn't choose to be bisexual, I have always been. Being shutdown like this in an attempt to "stop online prostitution" is stating that people like me can't communicate sexual desires. I am an avid user, I have flagged some ads in the past specially those asking for money or those that are looking for fun but ask me for money via e-mails. If we allow Craigslist Personals to go, this law will come after other similar websites such as plenty of fish, adultspace, and others. 
I and all the supporters of this petition expect you to exercise good use of reasoning. Craigslist is the wild west and need to have better user controls but at the same time, we can't lose Craigslist personals.