The resignation of Kerry J. Perry

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To the United States of America Gymnastics program, to the United States Olympic Committee, and to the incredible gymnastics community:

When you think of the sport of gymnastics, you think of consistency... consistency in meets, in practice, and in training camps; yet the most important piece of consistency is hardly mentioned, which is consistency of the staff and coaches instructing and mentoring these girls.

All lot of controversy has come about in the firing of Rhonda Faehn. While not everyone agrees with this, one thing the entire gymnastics community agrees with is the expulsion of Kerry Perry.

This “safe-sport” pledge and environment began with Perry, and while her pledge is to make sure no athlete is ever in pain, she simply neglects to take into consideration of the current and future athletes of USAG. All of her actions thus far have been firing USAG staff and others. No actual change has been made other than the firings and scribbles on the paper of the fine print that is the “safe sport” policy.

With the expulsion of Rhonda Faehn there was an outpour of cries and pleas from the current USAG national team members. However, if you go back to search, you will find no trace of this as a NCAA coaches told the girls to take them down and that their futures with NCAA could be taken away if they don’t comply. The safe sport policy and Perry herself have made statements saying these girls have a right to talk about what happened, what is happening, and that no one should be silenced. It seems that the silencing rule doesn’t apply to the current elite gymnasts as there was no statement from Perry saying they were supported by her or USAG.

Perry uses strategic marketing and propaganda tools to ensure the name of USAG stays dominant. She is also very careful while addressing the survivors, however, there has been no support for the current National Team. These kids have been through more than most adults, yet they still choose to represent our country, and work day in and day out to have solid routines for the name of USA; but where is their support?

Perry has made very little public, or on the spot, statements, as the only larger statement she made is repeated over and over again on the Olympic Channel to ensure those watching that USAG is okay... but it’s not. USAG is being destroyed from the inside and out, and the only ones who can save it at this point are the gymnasts; though the lack of support and consistency will all start to take a tole on them at some point.

Perry has taken the last coach away from these girls that they trust, and that has been there for them through almost every international competition competed; yet it is okay because it satisfies the medias portion of USAG and makes Perry look better.

If Perry wants to start fresh like she claims, that may as well start with her. She has not done anything to accurately represent the safe sport policy, which she swears by, and in the process of her actions has only hurt the current and future of USAG. She says she is doing everything she can, but I would like to know which of the survivors she has personally spoken to, which coaches she has spoken to, and which of the current national team members she has spoken to, because I highly doubt she knows the names of the people she is making these decisions for.


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