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Stop Healthcare Benefit Cuts for Military

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Our military members have sacrificed so much - many have given the ultimate sacrifice, even more suffering physically. This is a community that dutifully seeks to do the right thing and never complains about the "high ops tempo" for deployments or the time away from family. This community willingly accepts the risk of going to war and doesn't ask for much in return. However, it is vitally important that President Obama, the Pentagon and Department of Defense understand that we will not sit idly by and allow them to strip the military members and families of their healthcare. They are used to us being silent and just accepting what they hand to us. Let's show them that we will not be silent on this one. Service members may not be able to voice their frustration, but we (as family members & friends) are not constrained by the same rules.

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Military Officers Association of America 

Congressman Buck McKoen

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There is another petition out there!

There is another petition out there partnering with us in this cause. It's on the White House's own website.  Ahhh ... now that is so so sweet.  Check it out and sign!


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