Urge Ohio to place caps on Insulin Pricing

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There are 1.3 million adults living with diabetes in Ohio, and another 70,000 are diagnosed every year, according to Democratic lawmakers pushing a series of bills aimed at capping the skyrocketing price of insulin.

Elected officials have proposed a bill, modeled after a similar bill in Colorado, that would cap co-pay costs to patients purchasing insulin at $100 per month.

Diabetics who depend on insulin to live often find themselves paying hundreds, sometimes more than $1,000 a month, for that medication. A new bill would limit that out of pocket co pay.

The bill is sponsored by Democrats in the Ohio House and Senate limiting the amount that patients would pay would save lives and money.

The Ohio bill is modeled after a new program in Colorado. It places a $100 per month cap on insulin co-pays. Insurance companies are required to pay anything above that amount. That law also enlists the attorney general to investigate price gouging. While there are a few Republicans in support of this, it is not certain it will pass in the Senate. Urge your Ohio senators to support this bill and pass this much needed life saving bill. Please contact your Congressperson and Senators and tell them to vote for insulin pricing caps. Your phone calls and emails will save lives. Thank you.