Stop China’s Map Warfare

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Since 2017, the Chinese government has required all maps printed in China to show China's "official" version of the world map. That includes its false territorial claims over Taiwan, the South China Sea, and India's Arunachal Pradesh.

Worse, the Chinese government is requiring American companies printing maps or manufacturing globes in Chinese factories to use China's "official" map on products that will be exported to the US.

This is China's "map warfare." Their goal is to gradually change how Americans perceive China's rightful territory. Companies like Oregon Scientific and Discovery Education are already selling Chinese-made globes in the US that teach American children China's false territorial claims.

Do not let China succeed in its "map warfare." Do not let the next generation of Americans be fooled by this propaganda.

Tell Congress to pass a law banning the import of maps and globes made in China.

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