Stop Injustice! US Govt has broken promises by denying Non-filers/SSA/VA dependent pay

Stop Injustice! US Govt has broken promises by denying Non-filers/SSA/VA dependent pay

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Jess Prien started this petition to Representative Nancy Pelosi and

Help us to receive the $500 per child stimulus payment. Many are being punished for an IRS mistake that was in no way our fault. We did everything asked of us, pay our dependents now!

As we face a global pandemic, our US government promised qualifying citizens immediate financial assistance. Americans who live in poverty were promised first priority. SSA recipients with dependents (SS, SSDI, SSI) and VA recipients with dependents were directed by the IRS to complete the form "Non-filers: Enter Payment Info Here", along with individuals who don't typically file taxes. The IRS promised to add dependent pay to our regular stimulus deposit/check if we completed the non filers by April 22nd.

The government failed us! Many woke up to a startling surprise... EVERY SSA recipient with dependents, non-filers with children, and many VA beneficiaries were not paid the $500 per child, even after meeting all the requirements.

Cheryl is a disabled single parent. She filed her non filers on April 15th and received confirmation that the IRS had accepted her non-filers on the 15th as well. Having followed instructions; getting her information in on time (even though the government has this info from SSA); she did not receive the extra dependent funds for her two children. Being the sole parent in her children’s live; her family is dependent on receiving the promised dependent pay to get by during this pandemic.

Jessica is a wheelchair bound mother of three, who receives SSDI. Her husband is unable to work because the cost of a caretaker exceeds what he brings home. They completed the non-filers form, as instructed by the IRS, and received confirmation the IRS had accepted their submission on April 10th. While they were waiting for the deposit of their stimulus, the owner of the home they rent decided to sell their house, giving them until May 31st to move. The couple felt comfort in knowing help was on the way, only to find themselves without the dependent pay.

Melissa is retired and receives social security. She is raising her 2 adopted grandchildren on a low income. Melissa asked her granddaughter to help her complete the non-filers form on April 16th and she received confirmation from the IRS a couple hours later. Melissa promised her grandchildren a few things she's been putting off for awhile. She was devastated to wake up to an amount that half was of what she was expecting. 

These are just a few examples of families meeting the deadline of April 22; all being told they have to wait until 2021, when filing 2020 taxes.

Lorie  Konish of CNBC reported, "There are about 4 million children receiving Social Security benefits for reasons such as their parents being deceased, disabled or retired." That is a large number of children not being provided for in the stimulus package because of an IRS/accounting mistake.

At this time, the IRS has stated:

"The IRS has already scheduled payments to taxpayers based on Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), survivor benefits and Railroad Retirement benefits. The window has closed to use this tool for these recipients who have a child and don’t normally file a tax return. These recipients who do not receive a payment that includes up to $500 for any qualifying children can file a tax return next year to determine their payment based on 2020 and claim any additional amount they weren’t paid this year."

Here's the kicker - these individuals don't typically file a tax return to receive the payment next year, NOR, can they afford to wait a year! Why are we being punished for no error of our own? This is a mistake made by the IRS; yet they are penalizing American families. In many cases, the SSA already has information on our dependents.

Please sign our petition; contact your state governor and representatives! It’s important they receive written complaints to bring awareness and change.
Create an online form to be submitted, that people can enter any discrepancies to be paid out prior to 2020. Stand with us and hear our voices, PAY OUR DEPENDENTS NOW!!!!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!