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Tell the US Government to Take Action Against Climate Change Now!

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All around the world, climate change is happening NOW. We cannot continue to ignore it as we do now. If we do not take action soon, the world that we know will be gone. The US government has the power to change things, but they won't. There are many things that they can do NOW, such as:

- Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, an agreement to limit the rise of average temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius or less

- Invest in renewable energy. Solar power provides more jobs to the american people than coal. There is no point in trying to revive the dead, hazardous, and dirty process of burning coal. There is a limitless supply of solar, wind, water, wave, and geothermal power that we just need to tap into.

- Invest in climate change research. If climate change researchers have enough money, they have the potential to predict how fast and how bad climate change will be, and mor importantly discover ways to stop it.

- Provide incentive for companies to "go green". If the government provides environment-friendly companies with tax breaks or other means of motivation, it will give companies a reason to help stop climate change.

- Make and enforce environment and emissions regulations. If we let industries do as they wish, it will be extremely detrimental to the fight against global warming. Regulations MUST be enforced.


Now that I've said what can be done, here is what will happen if we don't take action:

- The melting of glaciers could put coastal cities like New York and Los Angleles underwater

- Major droughts will hurt the agriculture industry

- Strong storms will cause billions of dollars in damage

- Hundereds of animal species will go extinct

- Air quality will put the public's health at risk

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