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Tell Israel to Let Children Live

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Over the past week, Israel has launched an assault on Gaza that has killed over 260 Palestinians, including at least 40 children. The Palestinian casualties in this massacre continues to escalate, with over 2,000 wounded. Over 17,000 Palestinian civilians have fled their homes in northern Gaza in fear of more Israeli airstrikes, and Israel is planning more ground invasions. The UN reports that 77% of Palestinians killed were civilians and calls for a cessation of hostilities and a comprehensive peace agreement.

This adds to the following heartbreaking stories:

This morning, three Palestinian children were killed while feeding ducks on their rooftop. They were Ismail Abu Musalam-Walaa, 13, Mohammed, 13, and Ahmed, 14.

On Wednesday, four Palestinian children were killed while playing soccer on the beach. Dozens of journalists witnessed the killing, saying the cause was an Israeli naval or aerial attack.

This is not just a heartbreaking massacre due to the child casualties, but also for the grief of the parents, families, and communities subject to this relentless violence. 

Israel’s bombing of civilian areas in Gaza is collective punishment and a violation of basic human rights and international law. Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israeli towns have been condemned by our government, yet Israel is still being given a free pass for its role in creating and escalating this crisis. Israel's unjust attacks and excessive use of force against Palestinians should be strongly condemned, instead of being justified as its "right to defend itself." Especially when a majority of casualties are civilians — women and children.

The latest crisis demonstrates the status quo between Israelis and Palestinians is untenable. Going forward, the underlying causes driving the conflict must be resolved: the Gaza blockade and limitations on freedom of travel of Gazans should be lifted and ending Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories must become a priority for the U.S. government.

Beyond the tragic toll it has taken on countless innocent people, we should treat this conflict as the national security priority that it is. Tell Israel to stop killing children.

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