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US Government: Stop the Rape of Animals![Bestiality]


Animals are innocent and much like children they cannot give consent. Zoophilia & the distribution & possession of animal sexual exploitation imagery needs to be criminalized by all US states much like childpornography is already.

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Stop the Rape of Animals![Bestiality]

The rape of animals is as inexcusable as rape of humans. (Think Steubenville!)
Please sign the petition to stop the injustice of animals being forced for sexual exploitation.

Details of why bestiality should be illegal in the US, and eventually worldwide:

► The damaging effects it has on the animal, not to mention the rising risk of disease in humans and even the animal.
► The human genitalia is the front of the body, as the animals genitalia is in the back end. This poses many problems:
► The animal might get paralysed from being overstretched.
► Uncomfortable death of the animal resulting from positioning it unaturally & in a manner prone to cause injury.

Having sexual intercourse with an animal can cause injury & spread disease infection between animal victim & human perpetrator. The anatomy of an animal and that of humans are fundamentally different, humans genitals are in the front of the body, and a dogs (and many other animals) are in the back of their body.

Many people argue: 'What if the animal WANTS sex?'.
If the animal wants sex, that means they have an instinct to mate with their own species to reproduce. Reproduction is a normal and natural part of an animals' life, as well as humans. But unlike humans, animals want to have sex to reproduce, not just to have sexual intercourse. In simpler words, an animal has a sex drive that is purely instinct driven.

Another thing we are against is the spread of bestiality - imagery of sexual exploitation involving animals.
Zoophilia pornography gives the wrong idea about bestiality. Like every porn film, everything is staged. People who consume Zoophilia pornography, may be encouraged to reproduce what they see and thereby damage themselves and/or the animal.
There are numerous zoonoses you can get from an animal during sexual intercourse. Some of these diseases include, but are not limited to, are: rabies, tape worms, cholera, cowpox, and anthrax disease.

Bestiality or Zoophilia has been outlawed in all its forms and expressions - both the practise as well as the distribution of sexually exploitative imagery in many democratic Nations such as Germany or Canada.
Zoophilia needs to be criminalized on the same level as childpornography.
Animals are innocents, much like children and cannot give sexual consent.
To persist in allowing the practice of Bestialiy & related pornographic imagery to remain legal, is to fail to acknowledge a basic need for the protection of ALL innocents in US society from cruel sexual exploitation.

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