Help stop the inhumane actions toward the monkeys in Cambodia. Return them to their home!

Help stop the inhumane actions toward the monkeys in Cambodia. Return them to their home!

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Teresa Solomon started this petition to US Government of Congress and

Greeting and Happy New Year!

I'm writing to you regarding the monkeys removed from The Bayon Temple 12/30/20 In Cambodia.

As these monkeys are wild animals they are not violent as the excuse used to remove them. Several of these monkeys trapped and captured were babies who still need their mothers for feeding. The adult ones captured are gentle souls and one was pregnant. Each of these monkeys has names and a huge fan base all over the world. There have been several requests made for proper medical care for these monkeys and a stop sign to prevent any of them of being further killed or injured. 

The AKP News posted a huge article on their facebook page full of lies. The behaviors they posted does not describe the monkeys taken. As I'm sure there are monkeys there that may misbehave I assure you not one taken was one of them. They came there to take any monkeys they could get and the reasons for this Mass inhumane behavior has left me and millions of others very concerned for the safety of them. Mothers are still at the temple and watched helplessly as their babies were taken.

They did not identify the problematic monkeys. They put food in a cage and took any monkey who went for the food. How cruel. They are lying to cover their lack of responsibilities to these monkeys. They have shown several of the monkeys in cages looking very sad and have yet to provide a picture of Skippy presumed dead. They did provide a picture but that monkey was not Skippy. They have taken them to Tamao Mountain Park zoo according to Mr. Sek Seng identified as The vice President of the rescue and therapy Office of the forest administration of the Agriculture, planting and fishing.
I am begging you to please contact these people and have him return these monkeys to their babies,mothers home and properly identify the monkeys who are causing problems in the Temple.

Encourage them to do their jobs and provide for the monkeys properly to ensure their safety. Please return these monkeys to their mothers/families who are very sad and missing their babies and loved ones. 2020 has been so hard on the world! Please let's enter 2021 with love, peace and togetherness. Returning these monkeys to Bayon Temple will make so many people happy and hopeful for the New Year! I beg you with my heart and soul! We can all relate human or animal how hurtful it is to lose a loved one. As we have feelings these defenseless, voiceless monkeys have feelings too. Let's be their voice and help them get back home.

The monkeys taken are not the monkeys they are speaking of even if those monkeys even exist at Bayon Temple. APSARA has been doing this for a long time with no regards to the devastation they leave behind and history shows these monkeys taken previously are never heard of again. This massive capture of these innocent monkeys are trending all over social media and people are no longer going to sit back and allow this to continue to happen. Several including myself are considering no longer traveling there. This treatment is not only cruel but very unfair to the monkeys and the animal lovers like myself.

I begging you to please step in and have these monkeys returned immediately. I am an animal and a firm believer that God created everything and everyone and God will decide for us all.  I'm seeking US Congress assistance to join me in this mission to return these monkeys because they are innocent of the lies being put on them. 16 monkeys inhumanely removed. One which is dead after being shot with a dart in a high tree and died when he fell out of the tree. His name was Skippy. The temple is only missing 15 monkeys, but they are claiming they took 16 but are unable to produce monkey Skippy after claiming he's not dead.

Tarzana is Pregnant. Mia needs to be fed her mother's milk, Polino need his mom and the list goes on. I don't want you to think I am trying to be disrespectful or threatening but our hearts are broken because we have watched them grow up and looked forward to many other special moments with them. Sweetpea was just returned after being hit by a motorbike like a few days ago.

The monkeys that remain at the temple are confused and scared as several of the large monkeys taken were the protectors of the group. The Amari group has been left with babies completely defenseless and two of the babies have been attached by other groups of larger monkeys as I write this plea.

We prayed for Sweetpea and he was returned healed just to be taken and never seen again. This is not fair and I pray you have a heart and have them returned immediately! I thank you in advance for all consideration you give this very hurtful matter to millions of people all over the world. I pray God bless you and your families this New Year!

Respectfully yours,
Teresa Solomon

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!