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Mandate Esperanto as a core class in Elementary School

Foreign Language is one of the classes that has long been undervalued in the United . To change this, Esperanto should be taught as a core class throughout Elementary School, to serve as an introduction to foreign language. Why Esperanto? Because it is a constructed language that was designed to be easy to learn. After learning one language, studies have shown that it is easier to acquire another language. In actuality, this is the first step for a plan that I hope to enact over a long period of time. To change how language is taught, I plan to have Esperanto made mandatory through elementary school, with the option to choose a major language, such as Spanish, to take as a mandatory language course through the rest of public education. This whole plan will take a long time to enact, so I want to start slowly, by just introducing Esperanto into elementary school. To read my entire paper describing the condition of language education as well as a more detailed plan, you can read it here:

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