Freedom for a real hero

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Timothy Payne is a veteran who served in the Army for 10 years .He lost his legs fighting for the freedom of many now  lost his freedom in an unlikely events.

He lived in Raleigh NC and has a business of leading people he called Chosenleadership. He wrote a book on how he thrived through the tribulations he experienced in life. He was trying to reach out to people to motivate them through speaking engagements and would drive his van independently to various States where he was invited to speak, like Schools and Churches.

He found new faith during his transition which put a strain on his relationship with his family but the rejection of his father deeply affected him .His family has been a stranger to him for years and he tried to connect and seek guidance from his father when he drove to Buffalo NY prior to his arrest but instead this event caused him to be incarcerated for a couple of days and was transferred to VA for mental evaluation  and locked up in a psych ward. 

Watching the news on how they took away his wheelchair from him is inhumane and it breaks my heart deeply.It wasn’t right at all.

The right freedom ,right protection and the right support are all the rights that he deserves  and to be free from an uncomfortable situation he was in right now.He wants nothing but ears to listen to from his family.He wants nothing but to motivate fellow veterans and others to be inspired to live everyday and to overcome the challenges in every situation.

He is a useful individual in the community and has a lot to offer to help others despite his disabilities he gained from serving this country.

He is not a perfect man.But I have not seen him being a threat to himself or to anyone.He is in-fact a vulnerable one.I remember how he rolled his wheelchair crossing the street and this car coming just didn’t care about who he would hit while driving so I tried to protect Tim from that car so it would hit me first before him because his life worth more than mine. He inspires a lot of people and I don’t. I’m just one of those people he taught how to live life with courage.



Please check out his website to hear his side of his story.

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