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Climate Change doesn't wait! We call for immediate action!

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Dear Madams and Misters,

We write to you as acting officials in the government of the United States of America.

An existential threat to humankind is running in the world, while no adequate action is being taken. The scientific consensus is that the life on our Planet will suffer irreversible changes if the average air temperature rises 2°C over pre-industrial time. Yet, we are already at 1.6°C, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will lead us to at least 3°C with the present level of countries' engagements. Even the Paris  Agreement is now at great risk, due to the counter attack of the fossil industries, that pursue an active lobbying activity at the new administration of the United States.

Yet 73% of Americans and 83% of Europeans consider climate a high priority, as do citizens in other continents. At the same time, political institutions ignore even dramatic events: Australia has lost one third of its unique coral¹s barrier; sea ice at the poles is shrinking faster than expected; melting permafrost is releasing millions of cubic meters of methane, a much powerful disruptor of our climate than CO2 emissions, the only subject of the Paris Agreement.

The impact of Climate Change is evident in every corner of the planet, with already 40 millions of climate refugees. Yet, the deference to fossils interests is conditioning political institutions to an irresponsible lack of action, when not to a direct boycotting of the commitments taken in Paris.

It is high time that we recognize that we are in an unprecedented emergency, and we form new and global alliances to stop this saga of irresponsibility and greed, in favor of humanity and common destiny. To arrest Climate Change is not only technically feasible and economically advantageous, but it is also a  question of democracy and social justice.

The scientific community and civil society have launched repeated alerts and calls for action to stop Climate Change. At this link you can find the last of these calls, a report and call for action produced from a group of high level experts who gathered in Rome, from 3-5 May 2017, to highlight opportunities and solutions to Climate Change.

As members of the US government you have the possibility to talk and inform your President, Donald Trump. We ask you to keep American engagements taken in the Paris Conference on Climate Change, and to take note of the scientific evidence of the human causes of Climate Change. We consider that you have an historical opportunity to save our world, by giving voice to the overwhelming collection of feasible solutions, to the economic advantages of a conversion to a fossils free economy, and the worldwide concern to create a sustainable planet.

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