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Ban Declawing Animals In The USA!

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Declawing cats is somehow still legal in the United States even though its banned in most countries. The medical procedure involved in declawing a cat is called an onyectomy. It requires general anesthesia, which carries its own risks. When a cat's claws are removed, it is similar to cutting off the last knuckle at the end of each finger on a human hand. The claw isn't just clipped. Why cause your cat that kind of pain just for your convenience? Clawing is a natural, healthy, and normal and important behavior. People often say they declaw their cats because they are strictly inside cats. Well, what if your cat gets outside? Claws are a cat's first line of defense. How can you take that away from them. In many cases what you declaw cats they become more aggressive. When you declaw your cat a lot of the time the become insecure, that makes them act out such as biting more as their means to protect themselves. Many people say that it does cause pain for the animals, When they wake up the pain continues and sometimes the claws can grow back inside their paw causing extreme pain you cannot see. Cats toes are crucial to their balance. When you remove their claws they don't know how to walk. Therefore they have to relearn how to walk. and that's just cats. Many people get their dogs declawed, the long term effects such as arthritis, they can't dig anymore like most dogs love to do. why would you take that away from them. 

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that is rare cases declawing can be medically necessary for the animal to live or to have a normal pain-free life. Im not talking about those circumstances. Im singling out the people who declaw their cats because they dont want their furniture ruined. Train your cat. Im singling out the people who dont wanna be scratched by their cat. If you cant handle being scratched by a cat, don't get one. There are many ways you can train a cat. For the furniture, put double sided tape. Or use a spray bottle with water to spray them if they continue. Buy cat scratchers

Don't mutilate animals because you can't handle them. 

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