Grey Wolves should be put back on the endangered species list.

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Wolves are intelligent sentient beings who need federal protection from deforestation and poaching. By taking them off the endangered species list, these vital keystone species will not receive the level of protection they should. As a result they’re numbers could drop again. Wolves have sting social bonds and are fiercely loyal and protective of their pack members. Entire packs of wolves have been killed by poachers. In the 1900s all of Yellowstone wolves were culled, even pups. As a result, elk and moose over grazed, killing off the next generation of trees. Birds left the park, as did beavers. Unkept ponds became fast flowing rivers killing off pond life. Wolves are crucial and must be protected. There are only about 20 red wolves left in the wild and around 160 Mexican Greys.