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Include one lesson on female genital mutilation in US elementary schools

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On behalf of the Global Woman Peace Foundation, we are asking the United States Department of Education to incorporate at least one lesson on female genital mutilation into the elementary schooling system on a federal level.

Female genital mutilation is described by the World Health Organization as all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. It impacts more than 125 million girls and women worldwide, including right here in the US.

It is often thought to happen only in foreign countries or to foreigners – but  FGM is a problem in the United States and affects young American girls throughout the country. Statistics show that FGM is on the rise and the number of girls and women at risk has more than doubled in the past years.  A CDC report estimates that there are about 513,000 girls and women living with FGM in the United States.

The most impacted states include California, New York and Minnesota. In terms of Metropolitan areas, New York tops the list, followed by the Washington area and Minneapolis-St.Paul area.

The Global Woman Peace Foundation wants students to learn about the procedure in schools because it is happening right here to people we all know and love, however we are not even aware.

Teaching students at a young age about FGM will give everybody a better understanding of this disturbing procedure, which despite beliefs, has no correlation to religion. Learning about FGM will start a dialogue, perhaps encourage victims to speak up, and it will give the communities an upper-hand on spotting peculiar behavior and maybe even being able to save a potential victim.

 The Global Woman Peace Foundation is calling for the United States Department of Education to take action because fighting FGM is all about raising awareness and teaching everybody about the problematic health effects. If everybody knows and learns about the procedure in schools then we have a better shot at saving potential victims and giving the survivors the support that they need.

 Please help us raise awareness for FGM and get students learning about the tragic procedure. Together we can save thousands of lives.



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