Add Asian American history in school textbooks

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The recent wave of coronavirus related hate crimes against Asian Americans revealed a deep rooted problem: Asian Americans are considered foreigners. No matter how good our English is, how much we have contributed to the society, or how many generations we lived in the US, we are not deemed as Americans. 

Asian American history is American history, but it's NOT part of the history in the text books at school. Kids learn about the holocaust, slavery and emancipation, but not the railroad construction, the Chinese exclusion act and the Japanese internment. Many Asian American kids complained to their parents the lack of Asian representation in their text books. 

This blindspot in American education contributes directly to the notion of Asians in America being perpetual outsiders instead of Americans. As a result when Asian Americans are scapegoated for something they have nothing to do with, they become the target of racism and violence. Within two weeks of the outbreak of the coronavirus, over 1000 racial incidences were reported. Asian Americans were yelled at, spat on and even slashed across the face. 

It is also disheartening that sympathy and solidarity with the Asian American community was scarce. Some non-Asians still view anti-Asian racism as isolated or marginal events that Americans don't have to concern themselves with, because they don't think we are American citizens. 

This is not what America promises to be. I believe America should be inclusive, consider US citizens of all skin color Americans, and prevent racial hatred. Therefore, I petition that we add Asian American history, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Japanese Internment, in school text books. This way it gives students the concept that Asian Americans are Americans and have been for a long time. 

Thank you