Educause: Allow two or more .edu domain names

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In the early days of the Internet people or institutions bought up .edu domain names in a irresponsible manner. This created cause for concern because having an .edu domain name allowed people and institutions certain privledges. In response to this Educause, the company that manages .edu domain names, decided to restrict institutions to one and only one .edu domain name. Educause does provide a one-year transitional grace period during which institutions are permitted to hold two .edu domain names. In that one-year time frame the institution is expected to change every document, article, mobile connection, business card and web site to this new domain. Educational Universities often do not have the resources to complete this monumental task which results in important web based resources being lost forever.

Responding to customer complaints Educause has created a proposal which allows all of their customers to retain two .edu domains indefinitely. This proposal was submitted with a variety of other proposed changes to the Department of Commerce and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and was subsequently shot down. Educause was asked to split up the proposals and submit them separately. Now the Educause Chief Technical Officer is releasing Requests for Proposals (RFP) on restructuring the registration process. 

There is no reason why established universities should not be able to retain two or more .edu domain names indefinitely. All this restriction does is put more strain on .edu technical employees which in turn causes staff to grow and tuition prices to rise.

Educause already has the mechanisms in place to allow two domains per university during the domain conversion phase. We ask that they extend this transition period to a easily renewable two year period for all Educause customers. This will provide time for the legislation to catch up with needs of the people while also providing instant relief and room for universities to grow and change in ways that make sense to them. 

Please sign our petition and demand that the Department of Commerce, Educause, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) take action on this proposal immediately.