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Stop Horse Slaughter Houses

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Slaughterhouses in America have been abolished, but slaughtering unfortunately has not. Unwanted and abandoned horses in the US have been shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered and sold to countries such as Italy, Japan, Belgium and France, which consider horse meat a delicacy. Obama has recently signed a bill that does not go against the slaughter of horses, but re-opens the door to American horse slaughterhouses. Not only is the slaughter of these beautiful animals inhumane and wrong, the transport and care of these poor helpless creatures while being transported to the slaughterhouses are terrible. The horses are transported for more than 24 hours to the site of slaughter without food, water, or rest and most likely end up injured, or even dead; and they are slaughtered when they are still conscious. No horse is safe from slaughter; retired show horses, children’s horses and family horses from families that can no longer afford them are all in danger of being slaughtered and shipped to foreign countries for human consumption. Please contact your Representatives and House Representatives to put a stop to this inhumane and sickening bill.


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"Allowing federal funds to be used to inspect horse slaughter plants would be a step backwards for America’s iconic horses and waste of tax dollars. Americans don’t eat horses, and they don’t want them inhumanely shrink-wrapped, and sent to Japan or Belgium for a high-priced appetizer. It's time to stop the export of American horses for slaughter — not add money to the cash-strapped federal budget to open more slaughter plants." - Michael Markarian of The Humane Society of the United States

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