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Once again endangering the American government, Josh Hawley is blocking Biden’s Homeland Security nominee. You know, the one who’s in charge of security.  Thank you to all those who have signed this petition. We now have over 22,000 signatures. There are others calling for his removal from office. We have been successful in putting pressure on him and those who have supported him. 
He has lost his book contract with Simon & Schuster. He is no longer supported by John Danforth who has said. “This is the worst mistake I have ever made.”  He has lost his position teaching at the University of Missouri. His wife’s name has been removed from the website at the plush legal firm Kirkland and Ellis where she was employed. his fellow Yale classmates and over 20,000 lawyers have signed a letter to the Missouri Bar asking that he be disbarred. He has lost several of his major contributors. These are just the beginning. Keep up the pressure. This could have been prevented by an apology and changing his ways. He must know that there are repercussions for committing sedition and that he cannot cheat the people of Missouri. Thank you in advance. 

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