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Protect educators and modernize schools!

Since last fall, 115,000 local education jobs have been lost nationwide. And this has only been one bad year of many, as states continue to a trend of shedding jobs for those who educate and nurture our children.

State and local governments have had no choice but make education staff cuts because nearly all face a budget crunch. In the wake of the recession, states have seen budget shortfalls in the hundreds of billions.

Children were protected from many harmful cuts by the federal stimulus package. But now, with federal stimulus dollars running out, we need new government action to protect teachers and schools.

Letter to
U.S. Congress
I am writing in support of federal aid to states to prevent layoffs to teachers and first responders, as well as modernize schools.

In the wake of the recession, states are facing unprecedented budget shortfalls. State budgets have had no choice to cut back school jobs. Since last fall, around 115,000 school jobs have been cut nationwide.

But Congress has an opportunity to invest $35 billion to prevent layoffs to teachers and first responders. And the $25 billion for school modernization will improve the facilities of the schools most in need.

Please help protect children from the state budget crunch. Thank you.

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