Impeach Judge Alex Kozinski

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Judges are government employees with significant power. They can either provide justice and uphold rule of law, or cause significant harm to innocent lives through abuse and corruption of their position. While judges are supposed to be held accountable, too often oversight is weak or non-existent.

The Washington Post recently reported, that six women have come forward accusing 9th Circuit Judge, Alex Kozinski, of sexual misconduct. The next day, Nancy Rapoport, a University of Nevada law professor, described "a predatory encounter" with Kozinski. Rapoport believes more people will come forward.

Recently, Judge Kozinski was caught posting sexual degrading images of women on a public website. Ralph Mecham, a retired federal court executive said Judge Kozinski broke into a judicial computer security system to restore access to pornographic websites.

Those are but a few of the allegations that are now public knowledge.

Judge Kozinski is a government employee. A public servant. Being paid with our tax money. The US Constitution says that "good behavior" is expected of federal judges. The U.S. Congress has the power and, more importantly, the responsibility to impeach government employees who are not exhibiting good behavior.

Congress has an opportunity to show America that they are taking the #MeToo #SilenceBreakers revolution seriously – by launching an immediate, bi-partisan effort to impeach Judge Kozinski.

Judge Kozinski is the start of exposing judges behaving badly. There are thousands of court clerks across the country who may come forward and report on a well-known culture of corruption, racism and extreme misogyny by far too many white, male judges.

Please sign and share this petition calling on Congress to impeach Kozinski and all the judges who are exposed.

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