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The word "FERAL CAT" is a "POLITICAL LIE"-It is a political word falsely made up so that innocent cats can be killed and disposed of rather than money spent to keep them alive in sanctuaries.Millions of people have them living in their homes right now.And they are no different from any other cat.I am the author of NO SUCH THING AS A FERAL CAT-because all cats can be tamed and given homes.It is not only political tax funded agencies who kill these cats with this word-ANIMAL ADVOCATE GROUPS and Kill Shelters publish the "untameable feral cat lie" that kills as many cats as cat abusers/killers.THIS LIE has become the reasoning for killing these innocent cats in every Animal Cruelty Law,city/county,state or federal policy,and every Kill Shelter in America.And why law enforcement does not protect these cats from abuse and torture.None of the authorities who classify these cats then euthanize them have any training or expertise that could determine a cats manner once they feel safe in someone's care.They simply call them feral and kill them.Many of you have had your missing house cat killed by them in their haste to dispose of them.And the Animal Advocate Groups you donate to to save them back them up with the false information they publish on their web sites.Every cat is the same once they are in a safe place.While millions get spent reforming fighting dogs,it only cost 10 cents a day for these cats to be rehabilitated in a sanctuary-what hypocrisy!THAT IS WHY I AM CALLING ON YOU TO BAN THIS WORD AND SAVE THESE CATS.

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