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Add Women to the Selective Service

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According to the Selective Service "Registration is a way our government keeps a list of names of men from which to draw in case of a national emergency requiring rapid expansion of our Armed Forces. By registering all young men, the Selective Service ensures that a future draft will be fair and equitable."

Starting in 1940, the Selective Service was designed to create a pool in case of national emergency to fill positions.  Most commonly, this referred to the Draft.  

But why is it only for Males?

"The constitutionality of excluding women was tested in the courts. A Supreme Court decision in 1981, Rostker v. Goldberg, held that registering only men did not violate the due process clause of the Constitution."

However, with the end of the women in combat exclusion in 2013, women may now function in any role that the draft would require. (As evidenced by two senators - Iowa and Hawaii)

I have contacted Senator Grassley of Iowa and was firmly rebuffed by his quoting of the current law.  I am tired of hearing that women deserve equal treatment yet our lawmakers refuse to give them the opportunity to be equal.

Ask yourself "Why is it that we sacrifice only one part of our population and deny the use of almost half our population?"

Join me in asking congress to include the female population in the Selective Service.  Ask them to end the gender discrimination in the Selective Service.

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