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Pay what is owed for services and work performed.

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I have been in advertising and marketing for over twenty four years and I have spent the last twelve as a small business owner. Prior to starting my company I served as the National Sales Manager for Radio One, Washington DC.

In 2010 my company Global Advertising 1st, (GA1) was under contract with the US Census to recruit enumerators (individuals who knocked on your door). We recruited enumerators successfully in five regions/32 states.  In April that year The White House even boasted how unemployment was down due to the hiring of over 400k temporary census workers. Our work directly impacted that number recruiting about 265k workers.

The U S Census still owes me and my company more than $600k in unpaid labor costs and for ads that we purchased on their behalf. They refused to pay me or my wife who served as President and was recognized by Entrepeneur Magazine,any labor hours because they said we were not “key personnel”. With a staff of only eight, we begin working with the Census in October 2009 and didn’t receive our first payment until March 2010, for $1,647 dollars. The Census rejected our first invoice of more than $75k because it was off by one cent;  they owed us the penny. My staff and I had essentially worked six months for free. The process of nonpayment and delayed payment never ended with the Census rejecting more than twenty invoices because they were off by pennies, in ALL cases they owed us. I recall watching the Super Bowl that year with Census ads airing in every commercial break costing over a million dollars each. Our job had to be done before those ads could even air.  I’m sure the big agency on Madison Avenue in NY was not having invoices rejected and received payment for labor hours and ads that were airing at a million dollars each.

We were responsible to recruit Americans for what was the biggest mission of this country in ten years and did not receive payment for our services. As a result I lost my business, had to start over and we have struggled just to survive. It’s very frustrating to hear this administration talk about its concern for small business and not really mean it.

Bureaucracy, nonpayment and not having a voice are just a few of the many issues small businesses face daily when dealing with government contracts. My reason for posting this and asking for your support is to ensure this type of activity and mistreatment of a small business never happens again and to help us get our lives back.

I sincerely thank you all for your support.

Derrick Hollie




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