Government to Lower Border Wait Time

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US Border wait times at the San Diego ports of entry are inhumane.

The government should provide staff training along with the use of the multi-million dollar booths that were installed over 2 years ago. This would dramatically lower the wait time that are now around 2-4 hours long .  The secondary inspection area should be used instead of delaying the main lanes.

Risks in long wait time...

  • Currently, wait times require extended sitting and exposure to gasoline fumes.
  • Unexplained wait time for long periods of time can induce anxiety. 
  • Children and even pregnant persons are forced to wait for hours at a time with out near restrooms.
  • Persons in walking lanes are forced to stand for extreme periods of time.
  • Inhalation of fumes from passing cars is a risk for walking lane users.
  • Back and leg pain stem from prolonged standing for walking lane users.
  • Job instability is caused to tax payers because of long wait times which can result in higher unemployment rates.


Serious attention is needed at the US Port of Entry to the health risks of long wait times.