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For the illegal and fraudulent foreclosures these bank have perpetrated on millions of families help us stand up to say NO. One family at at time winning these battles makes it easier for the next family.  We have a precedent setting case in California  Federal Court against US Bank and Wells Fargo, all we are asking is to stop our eviction until we  have our day in court, as we have fought so hard to get to this point. The Federal Court ruled in our favor when it  did not  dismiss our case and we are awaiting trial for next year.  We have an Unlawful Detainer hearing on May 14 and will be evicted shortly after that, time is of the essence!

Two years ago when our income dropped and we knew we couldn't refinance, we were advised by Wells Fargo loan agents that in order to qualify for a loan modification we had to default on our loan.  Once we defaulted we immediately applied for a loan modification and sent in all the required information and documents.  After 6 months and hundreds of documents sent, (now 6 months behind on mortgage payments) we found out that the investors on our loan don't do modifications. Why didn't they tell us that when we started?   Ours was a morgage back security loan with US Bank managing a "pool of investors."  As I did research I realized that these were the types of loans that were turned into stock, so the chain of title is broken, the banks didn't follow the NY stock exchange laws that regulate these investments, which causes banks to use fraudulent means to foreclose on peoples homes.  We found an attorney, Deborah Gutierezz, with Prosper Law in L.A., who specializes in Foreclosure defense and is passionate about  helping families take on the banks.

We're not asking for a free house, and are willing  to pay rent until our case is settled.  Once we realized what actually happened to our loan we felt that US Bank and Wells Fargo should be held accountable for how they handled our mortgage.  They expect impeccable paperwork from us, we are just asking for the same impeccable handling of our mortgage documents and to follow the laws that regulate how property title is handled, for the security of all homeowners.

Sign our petition to  help us see this case to it's fruition so that other families will believe that it is possible to stand up to these banks and win! 


Letter to
Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, CEO
Wells Fargo Avid Modjtabai, Executive Vice President
US Bank Mr. Tom Joyce, Senior V.P.
and 3 others
US Bank Richard K. Davis, CEO
US Bank Howell D. McCullough III, Executive Vice President
US Bank Mr. William Williamson, Communications Director
Ms. Avid Modjtabai, Executive V.P., Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. John G. Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. Richard K. Davis, CEO, US Bank
Mr. Howell D. McCullough, Executive V.P., US Bank
Mr. William Williamson, Communications Director, US Bank
Mr. Thomas Joyce, Senior V.P., US Bank,

Dear Ms. Avid Modjitabai, and Messrs. Richard K. Davis, Howell D. McCullough, John G.Stumpf, William Williamson, and Tomas Joyce:

I am writing to ask you to allow Billi Vogan and her family to stay in their home. They are in pending litigation in California Federal Court challenging the illegal foreclosure proceedings they believe your Bank perpetrated on their home. A judge has ruled that they have a valid complaint and are now awaiting a trial set for next year.

US Bank has retained attorneys seeking to evict them from their home before they have their day in court. I am asking that you stop the eviction and allow them to stay in their home until the outcome of their trial is settled. Their home would stay vacant because of the pending litigation. They will be happy to pay fair market value for rent, to make sure you do not loose any money, they are not asking for a bail out or a hand out, just asking for their day in court.



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