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Fund a long-term rehabilitation project for the Tubbataha Reef

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Unknown to most, only 5% of the Philippines' coral reefs remain in good condition. Tubbataha, the country's largest marine protected area, comprises a large percentage of this. Home to 600 species of fish and half the total number of species of corals, there's no wonder why this oasis in the middle of the sea continues to be a dream destination for marine lovers from all over the world. 

We were devastated when news broke out of the USS Guardian hitting the reef. More than a thousand square meters of coral reef has been destroyed.  It will take over two centuries for the reef to be completely repaired and restored to its pristine condition. No amount of money or human intervention can speed that up but there are still ways in order to help Tubbataha.

Let us not waste time in figuring out who to blame and why it happened. The fact of the matter is that it has happened and now is the time to do something about it. Precious time is wasted over bantering about politics while nothing is being done to fix the problem. Let us concentrate our efforts onto what is important: restoring the reefs. We’ve done enough damage to our environment as it is and this is our chance to pay for our actions. This marine park that gives the country pride has been destroyed. Let us actively help in rebuilding it.  Something that took thousands of years to perfect, lost in a single day.

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