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Urges Botswana President to Stop Elephant Hunting

Recenlty, Spanish King Juan Carlos I had an accident while hunting elephants on a National Park of Botswana. Elephants are a vulnerable specie according CITES clasification but is possible to hunt these great mammals paying 30.000€.

Botswana can´t be a paradise for hunters. This cruel activity kills each year millions of animals, contaminates entire ecosystems and and endangers the lives of people and animals.

We thinks is unacceptable hunting vulnerable animals, cause this activity is cruel and threat to biodiversity of Africa.

There´re alternatives, like National Park of Fazao Malfakassa managed by Franz Weber Foundation on Togo, where elephants can live with freedom and hunting is prohibited.

We can act, urging Botswana President Ian Khama to stop any elephant hunting on the country and develop initiatives to preserve these mammals population.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Botswana President
    Ian Khama
  • Counsellor & Head of Chancery on Botswana US Embassy
    Game Selepeng

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