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The House of Representatives will vote in a matter of days--possibly as soon as this week--on landmark legislation to tackle climate change, jumpstart our economy and begin building America's clean energy future.

We can avoid the most severe consequences forecast in the report if we begin taking action now. 
By passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act, Congress will take an important first step to protect our nation from further damage from climate change, while at the same time putting America on the path toward a cleaner, safer, more secure and more prosperous future. The transition to a clean energy economy will put America back to work building wind turbines, solar panels, and energy efficient vehicles. We'll create new exports and make our nation less dependent on the dirty, imported fuels that are destroying our planet. And we will help ensure a safe future for our children and grandchildren.

You have a critical role to play in ensuring Congress acts to address the climate crisis. Please urge your member of Congress to vote YES on the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
As your constituent and someone who is greatly concerned about both the future of the U.S. economy and the future of our planet, I am writing to ask you to support H.R. 2454--the American Clean Energy and Security Act. This critical legislation will invest in a clean energy future for the United States while reducing the pollution that is causing climate change. It is important that this bill pass the House of Representatives in the strongest form possible. Please work to defend, strengthen and pass H.R. 2454.

We are already feeling the effects of climate change here in America. A sobering report released last week by the White House details significant impacts from climate change in every region of our country--from droughts in the Southeast, to floods in the Midwest, to wildfires in the West. If you don’t act, these damages will become more severe, posing enormous, potentially catastrophic costs.

Your support could be decisive in determining the legacy we leave our children. Will it be a healthy, safe and prosperous future? Or one ravaged by the costly impacts of climate change--impacts that could have been avoided?

The American Clean Energy and Security Act will make our nation more energy independent and create a foundation for sustained economic growth. By investing in a clean energy future, we will rebuild our economy and ensure that the U.S. is able to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Energy technology is the economic engine of the future. I want your support for that new industry--and the jobs it will create.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act will help transition our economy to clean, alternative and renewable sources of energy, generate new clean energy jobs and greatly increase our energy efficiency, thereby lowering energy costs to consumers. It will also make our nation more secure by helping to break our addiction to oil and our dependence on energy from unstable or hostile regimes. By greatly reducing global warming pollution, the bill will help us avoid severe and irreversible disruptions to our climate and the negative environmental and economic impacts that will otherwise result.

Action by Congress is also critical to achieving a new international agreement on climate change, which is the only way we can effectively address this global problem. Please ensure that climate legislation invests in global solutions to climate change by helping less developed countries reduce their emissions and adapt to the inevitable climate change impacts that threaten to destabilize their societies, creating risks to our own national security.

The destruction of tropical rainforests is one of the leading causes of climate change. Tropical forests also are home to much of planet's biological diversity as well as rich human cultures dependent upon the forest for survival. The American Clean Energy Security Act makes an important investment in reducing emissions from tropical deforestation. Please ensure that the final bill includes this important provision.

I urge you, as my representative in Congress, to help ensure that we leave our children and grandchildren a world that is safe and prosperous. I ask you to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act and to work to defend, strengthen and pass the bill on the House floor.

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