***SAVE THE WETLANDS*** - Easton resident simple-division trying to build-PROTECT EASTON!

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After a purchase of 194 Morehouse Rd. in 1996, the owner created a simple-division with a 3 acre parcel into 2 separate parcels and created the address, 200 Morehouse Rd.  They then sold the original property in 2008 (194 Morehouse rd.) and have moved to another location in Easton.  They now want to build a 3,000+ square foot residence with pool on the 200 Morehouse Rd.

THIS PROPERTY HOLDS A PROTECTED WETLAND IN LOWER EASTON.  And has a stream that drains into Morehouse Brook, which drains into the Mill River, which drains into Lake Mohegan, which drains into Samp Mortar Reservoir, which drains into the Southport Harbor, and into the Long Island Sound.

They are planning to build a structure in this wetland area and it is very important to preserve. The plan is to build the house and pool within 50 feet of the wetland.  Structures are not allowed to be built within 100 feet of a wetland, by Easton code.  They are requesting a variance to build inside of the 100 foot protected zone.  They want to place larges amounts of fill dirt in a very beautiful natural setting below a cliff face.  They also want to blast a large rock on Morehouse that is adjacent of the Morehouse Brook Municipal Open Space, which will become their driveway.  The plan is to use a large hydraulic ram. 

Currently the wetland area is home to many deer, turkeys, birds, turtles, and plants that provide a home and water source for these plants and animals. Many of these wildlife use this area as a birthing-ground and water-source year-round.  This is a balanced ecosystem THAT IS ABOUT TO BE DISTURBED.  The creek described above, WHICH RUNS THROUGH THE WETLANDS, drains into protected waterways, and having a septic system and water lines nearby would not be a positive relationship to the health of the wetland areas or the waterways.

We feel like this area is not suitable for a home to be built and would negatively affect the health of the wetlands and waterways. We kindly request that the Inland Wetlands Agency not grant a variance to the wetland area to allow a home to be built on this property.

BY SIGNING THIS PETITION, the following Easton residents and property owners have read this letter attached and are in agreement to NOT have a variance granted to the 200 Morehouse Road property.


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