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Petitioning Ohio State House

Urgent - Ohio Set to Expand Access to Guns for Convicts! Act NOW!


Ohio politicians have used a loophole to ram through two unbelievable gun bills.

Ohio Law will be changed to allow:

 - easy access to guns for criminals convicted of some drug crimes. Around 1,500 Ohio students are told every year they're ineligible for federal financial aid because of drug convictions.  It's sickening that this bill's supporters will make it easier for many of them to carry a gun than to graduate college.

 - anyone with a permit to carry guns in bars, if they aren't drinking.

 - According to experts, it will also enable road rage violence, by making it legal for permit holders to "twirl the gun in their fingers while they're driving down the highway."

A newspaper columnist called it "the death of common sense." It's opposed by the groups that represent Ohio's police, sheriffs, police chiefs and county prosecutors.

Let your legislator know to VOTE NO by signing this petition!

Letter to
Ohio State House
I strongly oppose Senate Bills 247 and 239.

The first bill will greatly increase access to guns for many convicted criminals. This bill make Ohio less safe by allowing many people who the federally government bans from receiving federal student aid to own guns.

The second bill will allow concealed guns in Ohio bars and restaurants. I stand with Ohio’s state law-enforcement associations in opposing this dangerous plan.

I strongly urge you to Vote No on both of these bills!