Urgent improvements needed to crossing at exit of Lloyd Park onto Brettenham Road

Urgent improvements needed to crossing at exit of Lloyd Park onto Brettenham Road

7 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela McDermott

I use the exit from Lloyd Park onto Brettenham Road many times a week with my toddler. Every time we cross the road there it's a stressful experience as there is no zebra crossing - in fact there is little to indicate pedestrians crossing there at all, making it very dangerous. Every parent I have spoken to about the crossing agrees it is dangerous.

Please sign and share the petition to demand that the Council allocates resources to improving it in their current budget allocation exercise.

There are numerous schools, nurseries and childminders in this area plus the park and consequently there is a very heavy footfall of young children there. For many parents this is a key crossing where they are teaching their children to safely cross as they use it on their daily routine to school/nursery. But signage, visibility for drivers and traffic calming measures are woefully inadequate.
The main issues are:

  • no zebra crossing
  • signage warning for a school misleading drivers to be looking out for a large school building, rather than school children crossing into or out of the park
  • ineffective speed bump
  • speeding drivers
  • little indication for drivers that there is an intentional crossing there (there is a narrowing of the road but this isn't readily visible to drivers due to parked cars)
  • parked cars all the way up to the crossing obscures visibility for both drivers and pedestrians - children have to peak out in front of the parked cars to see the road
  • no obvious entrance to the park that might indicate to drivers there may be people crossing
  • yellow tiles where you should stop to check whether passage is clear, but toddlers confuse this with the yellow lines and step forward too far.

Additionally, the street is frequently made two-way for road works but this is rarely signposted for pedestrians (as is the case with the current road works), making it very dangerous for people who know it to normally be a one-way street.

For the safety of our children and vulnerable citizens I would like the Council to improve this crossing to make it as safe as possible.

Having had an exchange with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Grace Williams, on the matter I know that there is some funding available to improve for highways and transport improvements in the Lloyd Park and Higham Hill area this financial year. Let's get some of it allocated to improving this crossing.

We have a real opportunity for action to be taken so please consider signing and sharing this petition. Together our voices count.


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Signatures: 433Next Goal: 500
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