URGENT: Help Permanently Ban Spring Bear Hunting In Washington!

URGENT: Help Permanently Ban Spring Bear Hunting In Washington!

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*** UPDATE ***

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's decision to cancel the spring bear hunt was met with push-back from Commissioner Don McIssac. He has submitted a pre-proposal form (CL101) that is the first step in the agency's rulemaking process and could lead to another vote on spring bear hunting. The WDFW may discuss this proposal during their next meeting scheduled for June 24, 2022. We need to reiterate that we DO NOT SUPPORT the spring bear hunt. Please complete the calls to action listed below.

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This petition supports the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission's decision to halt the Spring Bear Hunt and acts as a reassurance to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission that an overwhelming number of their stakeholders are against spring bear hunting.

We commend the four commissioners who chose to listen to the majority of their stakeholders and based their decision on ethics and science, not special interests.

Spring bear hunts in Washington are exceptionally cruel since trophy hunters can kill mother bears and cubs, and the season starts as mother bears and cubs are most vulnerable emerging from their dens following hibernation. If trophy hunters kill a mother bear and spare her cubs, they will likely die without their mother present. During springtime, bears search for early spring vegetation, making them easy targets for bear trophy hunters who scout out locations abundant in natural food sources and wait for the hungry bears to arrive. Additionally, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife permits the hunts through the Bear Timber Depredation Management Program to support the timber industry, targeting famished bears in spring post-hibernation when some bears peel tree bark back to reach the sweet sap underneath for a quick snack. When foresters find one damaged tree, WDFW grants a permit to kill two bears. Reports have found that wildlife officials do not substantiate claims made by foresters that bears are damaging trees on timber farms. They do not have to provide any proof before being allowed to kill bears.

The WDFW has stated that the spring bear hunt mitigates bear timber damage and minimizes human-bear interactions while providing additional recreational opportunities. However, they fail to mention that there is NO scientific evidence to support their claims. We know for a fact that hunting does not reduce bear-human conflicts.

As an umbrella species, bears play a significant role in our forest ecosystems. Many other species rely on their existence. Bears are also responsible for a vital amount of seed dispersal, dispersing more seeds than birds. When bear populations decline, so do the number of plant species found in their ecosystems.

For all of the reasons listed above, we, the undersigned, urge the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission to proceed with a permanent ban on spring bear hunting in their state.

Email the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioners and tell them that you oppose the spring bear hunt. https://wdfw.wa.gov/about/commission/contact

Send Governor Jay Inslee an e-message and tell him you support a permanent ban on spring bear hunting. https://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/contact/send-gov-inslee-e-message

If Washington trophy hunters get their way, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife could reverse their November 19, 2021 decision to ban spring bear hunting.

Article: WA Wildlife Commission Buckles to Extremist Pressure to Reverse Vote on 2022 Spring Bear Hunt. https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/561250466/wa-wildlife-commission-buckles-to-extremist-pressure-to-reverse-vote-on-2022-spring-bear-hunt

37,269 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!