Urgent: End the Detention of LGBT+ Asylum Seeker Madhi Now!

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Our friend Madhi is a gay Christian man from Iran currently being detained at Colnbrook Detention Centre. We fear that his life is at risk if he is forcibly deported. Madhi, after having been detained and tortured in Iran twice before escaping to Europe, was then homeless and abused in Germany before making his way to the UK. Here he met his partner, Ian, and started attending our church. 

Madhi is a vulnerable adult suffering PTSD and prone to self-harm following his experiences which led to his fleeing Iran. After mistreatment whilst in detention with G4S, he had a serious self-harm episode in custody. He is still at risk. That’s why we’re calling on the UK Home Office to release Madhi from detention immediately. 

The Home Office plan to deport Madhi to Germany on the 28th January, and so we only have a few days to ensure his safety. He will be heartbroken to leave his home. Please help us stop his deportation by signing this petition. 

I first met Madhi and his partner through the church where I am a reverend. It would be a massive loss to our community if he was forcibly deported. Madhi has been a consistent presence at our church, taking part in leading services and enjoying playing a full part in the life of our church community. This is one of the few places where Madhi feels safe.

Madhi fled Iran in 2016, after being held twice and tortured. Eventually arriving in Germany, he found himself homeless and was raped and defecated on in the streets.  

Madhi has been detained at various periods since then and was forcibly deported to Germany, but the German authorities were so disturbed by the injuries he had sustained in custody, that they refused to take him and was sent back to the UK. 

His solicitors have appealed his case, but had not heard the results of this when nine immigration officials forced entry at his home at 6.30am. Madhi is now broken man.  

Colnbrook has a reputation of being “prison-like” and is not suitable for a vulnerable adult. [1] LGBTQ+ asylum seekers also face increased risks when they are detained including homophobic and transphobic harassment, discrimination and violence from other detainees and members of staff. [2]

Please sign our petition calling on the UK Home Office to release our friend Madhi from detention and to halt any attempts at deportation with immediate effect.

[1] HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Report 2019

[2] Stonewall and UKLGIG