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Urgent! Cell phone antennas threaten the monarch butterfly in Pacific Grove, California.

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AT&T wants to put a permanent set of cellular 4G antennas at Wilkie’s Inn, (1038 Lighthouse Avenue) next to the butterfly sanctuary. This is one of the few monarch habitats the butterflies rely on. This project needs to be halted immediately.

Pacific Grove is an overwintering area for the monarch butterfly. Each year, these butterflies migrate thousands of miles from Canada to Pacific Grove and other special places in the Western Hemisphere. They arrive and stay through several reproductive cycles, and then continue their travels. These butterflies are huge pollinators helping in the process of making oxygen that we breathe. PG has an ordinance specifically protecting monarch butterflies. It has a small area set aside for the butterflies as a sanctuary, but the butterflies roost and feed in trees in the surrounding area. Many travel books feature this sanctuary to attract visitors from all around the world.

The monarchs’ numbers have diminished, due to a variety of factors. Butterfly populations have declined by more than 90% in many areas, including along the Central Coast of California.

Wireless radiation has known health impacts to humans, animals, insects, and plants. These include DNA and genetic damage, breaches to the blood-brain barrier (yes, butterflies have brains) which allows toxins and myelin-destroying white blood cells into the brain, cancers and tumors, cognitive and learning impacts, immune system damage, chemical disruption in the body, interference with magnetite (important for navigation in migrating creatures), changes in the blood, and more. There are cancer clusters around cell towers, up to 1/4 mile away.

In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared this a possible carcinogen – Class 2B – in the same category as DDT.

In Feb 2011, AT&T and the Pacific Grove Unified School District put a temporary cell tower next to the butterfly sanctuary. Despite local opposition, it was there through two overwintering cycles, and was not removed until Feb 2013. The City of Pacific Grove actually sued to keep it there, until a temporary tower was constructed several blocks away at the city cemetery, adjacent to additional butterfly habitat. That has also been opposed by local residents.

An extremely flawed report was written by the Pacific Grove Planning Department Staff, regarding the effects these AT&T cell phone antennas on Wilkie’s Inn could pose. The city did not require an environmental impact report (EIR). The city’s report did not once mention the monarch butterfly sanctuary, and stated there would be no significant adverse effects to the environment, humans included, directly or indirectly. It also stated there would be NO IMPACT, regarding this project conflicting with any local ordinance.

There was no change in the city’s position when formal comments were submitted which pointed out the obvious flaws, and the planning department’s recommendations were submitted to the Planning Commission for approval. The Planning Commission approved the AT&T project on July 18, 2013.

Thankfully, an appeal was submitted, but we weren’t given much time. The appeal date, when it will be heard by the Pacific Grove City Council, is August 21, 2013. An extension has been requested which would push the hearing on the appeal to September 7, 2013. We won’t know if this request is granted until the August 21 city council meeting.

The monarchs rely on this sanctuary and this area. These butterflies migrate more than 2,000 miles and do not need any more obstacles to survive.

By federal law, once a carrier is in an area, other carriers must be allowed to build towers or antennas as well so that AT&T does not have a monopoly. There could be a proliferation of antennas in this one area. The butterflies will be long gone if we don’t do something about this.

Please take action to stop these antennas in Pacific Grove, California. Please sign this petition TODAY. Deadline for signing before the city council meeting is Tuesday, August 20.

It is up to monarch lovers nationally and internationally to protect this threatened butterfly.

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