URGENT . My 12yr old Daughter NEEDS to be returned home IMMEDIATELY

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Please help me get my daughter home, she is only 11. The DHHS kept giving her to her dad who did this ti my daughter for over 8years.

The Footscray child protection gave not reported this to Footscray police, are not pressing charges!!! Why not?
For over 8years Footscray Victoria child protection keep giving my now 11 year old daughter back to her father please read the attachment and read what he did to her torturing her assaulting her abusing her terrifying her from the age of 3 till last July DHS have given her to her nana who did not stop her son from doing this to my daughter I had a breakdown 10 years ago watching my father died of cancer.

The dhhs neglected possible medical attention, And her safety and protection, in fact for 9years they just keep letting her dad horrifically abused her or at the nan n uncle emotionally, psychologicaly abuse, isolation, alienation. my daughter has not been sent to the Royal Children's Hospital for full body x-rays to see how many Broken Bones she may have enjoyed in the last 10 years of her life being isolated from me and her family the twisted psychologist is keeping her away from me letting her believe what her father brainwashed her with that I better and strangled her and don't want to well I do want to and I love her and I never gave her up and I've never done that to her and hey birthday last Monday I went to Horsham on Tuesday is 6 hour drive her grandmother slam the door in my face let it hearing my daughter frightened of a stranger she's being falsely brainwashed her they reach the children's lawyers head off for trying to tell my daughter the truth that I do love her searching for her want her never gave her a perfectly fit and capable she goes I barely remember her can I see a photo of her the uncle came out but refused to give my daughter a monitor telephone that he could monitor and a photo album of photos please help please read I have sent this to so many people I don't know how people can look in their faces in the mirror every day after reading this and not calling me or emailing me for helping me or intervening with this Victorian Government Footscray DHHS who's doing this to my little girl please help I have written to my local MP Harriet Juliet Harriet in Morwell Gippsland Victoria, she's just brushed it off to the Minister for children, families et, jenny mikakos, no response.
I don't know how people I've written to, can sleep at night? I wrote to  Ita Buttrose on Studio 10, b4 she resigned, A Current Affair Channel 9 please help, I can't do this solo anymore by myself please help us, please help me get my daughter home away from her perpetrators.
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Please sign this petition, to make them , return my very traumatised daughter, back home, from her abusers, the father, nan and unlce who are in complete denial of all this. 

Elissa Heart

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